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Terminal Suite
Integrated planning, order receipt,
administrative processing and
reporting provides value add to
terminal operators.
Terminal Suite by IAP supports the
terminal personnel with all
administrative steps for product
movements and operations at a
terminal, integrated into a smart and
flexible system.
It supports the administrative activities
at the terminal, from order receipt,
order planning, loading/unloading up
to the financial settlement, customs
declaration, administrative stock
control, stock reporting, lease holder
reporting, management reporting,
document handling and invoicing.
The system provides you at each
moment of time the applicable data.
Actual and appropriate data is the
base for good decision-making. In
depth notion of the actual operations
supports better operation and higher
For logistical processing at the
terminal the Terminal Manager
provides a complete solution for the
announcing, planning, processing and
recording of nominat
ions such as Ship
loading/unloading, Ship–ship, truck
and railway car loading/unloading,
tank–tank and blending. It also
supports instruction planning and
registration such as tank heating,
mixing, N2 and demi water delivery.
The activities, measurements (tank-
gauging system, flowmetering and
weighing bridge) and different
nomination statuses are being
The following functions are available:
Order (nomination) intake (Web
based) and processing
Transporter company and truck /
railway car data registration
Nomination planning/overview
Administrative stockmanagement
for customs and leaseholder
registration/reporting supporting
multiple leaseholders per tank
Stock- and nomination status
reporting to leaseholders (web
Loading plan creation for truck
and railway cars (touch screen)
Time sheet and logging
Historical logging and reporting of
tank data
Tank release en density data
Registration of ship and tank data
Operational reporting
Generation of ship, truck and
railway car t
ransport and customs
documents such as AGD, T1 and
CMR documents.
Interfaces with systems such as
tank gauging, weight bridges,
badge readers, flowmeters,
traffic lights and local operator
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