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Terminal Suite
Industrial Automation Partners (IAP)
offers a fully integrated solution from
terminal control up to administrative
(ERP) processing of product
movements and activities.
Tracking & tracing and administrative
reporting according to the customs
and business associates requirements
is a complex process for storage,
import & export of bulk liquids.
For ship handling the time registration
is essential to prevent claims due to
waiting time.
Based on the amount of product
on a terminal site, and the
responsibility of the terminal, dictated
by the government, it is essential to
have an appropriate planning and
registration of activities and product
Specifically terminals under customs
regulations are confrontedwith
extended responsibility and reporting
requirements of their product
movements. Customs demands an
electronic registration including
traceability of the underlying
Terminal Manager offers extended
functionality for planning, processing,
recording and reporting of data
related to productmovements and
activities helping you to reduce risks
and costs.
Terminal Manager
Order planning and processing
Ship-, truck, railway car, tank-tank
and inline blend operations
Product administration
Operation administration and
Customs admin. and declaration
Nomination processing
Integration with:
- Tank Gauging
- Terminal Control
-Weighing bridge
- Flowmetering
Terminal Control
Terminal control and visualization
Control templates
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