Product selection

Which new products are available on the market? Which products might be suitable for your organisation?

As a result of standardisation (for instance fieldbuses), it is possible to use products of different suppliers.

IAP has experience with many different system technologies and process control applications. Our consultants know the market and can provide you with a clear view on the different technological developments. They can also show you what the consequences of these new products will be within your organisation.

IAP will offer you both clear, complete and independent information. While suppliers often emphasize the specific characteristics of their own products, IAP will focus on the influence of these products on your organisation. This way, you get a clear picture whether the product is worth the investment.

The importance of these “features” should be balanced against the costs that have to be made or the cost savings that this implementation might involve.


Make sure your productselection is done by professionals.

We will help and give advice, completely free of charge: