SCADA / PLC applications

It is impossible to imagine modern control technology without the 
Programmable Logic Controller or PLC. Many types of PLC of many different suppliers are available on the market, for applications ranging from small to large, for safety applications, etc. IAP is able to advise you about the appropriate PLC/supplier for every type of application.

IAP can also provide advice about the application of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). RTUs enable you to assemble and visualize data of several remote locations on one central point.

For the central visualisation of PLC and/or RTU data, so-called SCADA packages (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) are used. Well-known SCADA packages are for instance GE iFix, Siemens WinCC, ABB Scada portal. Our engineers are certified for the configuration of these packages and the many PLC systems. This way, IAP can offer you a complete automation solution.

Make sure your SCADA / PLC applications are done by professionals.

We will show you how to optimize your SCADA / PLC applications, completely free of charge: