Safety systems

Safety systems ensure safeguarding of your plant during abnormal process conditions. Safety systems have to be available immediately and have to be reliable to avoid unnecessary loss of production. The safety class of the system is the result of the HAZOP (HAZardous OPerations) and SIL (Safety Integrity Level) study.

Several technology suppliers offer the possibility to integrate the safety functionality in the DCS or SCADA system. It can be a conscious choice to install a completely separated safety system. The system design should be selected in such a way that an optimal balance is achieved between safety and availability.
IAP has TÜV Certified “Functional Safety Professionals” available to support this process.

IAP can deliver services for the entire process of the HAZOP/SIL study, choice of system, programming, installation and implementation.

Make sure your Safety systems are installed by professionals.

We will show you how to optimize your Safety systems, completely free of charge: