Fieldbus systems

Fieldbuses ensure that you receive additional information about the status of the process and the instrument, in addition to the primary measurement, so these devices are indispensable in industrial automation. They give you more insight into processes, and any discrepancies are discovered at an early stage. Clarity and transparency of information is no easy task, but involving IAP in the design of your Fieldbus system will give you answers to important questions such as:

-          What fieldbus system is used?

-          What kind of network setup do I want to use (fiber optic, redundancy, ring)?

-          How should I deal with safety integration (SIL)?

-          How will the application be tested?

The integration between instrumentation and automation also influences the project approach, trials, and operational tests. A much more integrated approach, such as ours, is needed here, to prevent unexpected surprises during the implementation of your project.

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