Batch control

Controlling batch processes requires specific knowledge of process automation. This can be made much more efficient by optimally deploying production resources within your production plan, which increases the production capacity of your process installation. We work with S88, a worldwide process control standard, to describe your process installation and recipes. IAP has many years of experience with this method, and can implement your application successfully. Our engineers involved in the project are on hand to answer any fundamental questions, such as:

-           Does the process design meet the automation requirements?

-           How do I segment the process?

-           How do I use my installation optimally in conjunction with S88?

-           How do I standardize the batch building blocks? [For example, a dosage]       

-           How are the recipes structured?

-           What should I do with an 'incorrect' batch?

-           How do I deal with FDA regulations and my responsibility for my products? Registering and tracing
            information is essential in this regard.

Getting IAP involved in an early stage ensures maximum control over your batch processes.

If you would like to find out more about batch control, please contact us via this form