Terminal suite

Terminal Suite is used specifically for the storage and transshipment of bulk liquids in the chemical and oil industries. Terminal Suite provides an overview of all current and planned operations to the terminal manager, planner and operator. Through screens, terminal operators can register and manage the administrative tasks relating to the loading processes. Tank and flow meter readings are read automatically by the system at the beginning and end of operations. Calculations based on density and temperature are executed within the application. The system can compare ship tonnage with shore measurements, and display the differences.

Terminal Suite provides a comprehensive solution for operating the terminal, receiving orders from internal and external customers, executing and registering operations, informing customers, and informing the custom authorities if necessary.

Features include:

  • Extensive web portal for customers
  • Justification and updating of the customs status of administrative stock (T1 and AAD)
  • Support and planning of ship, tank and wagon loads
  • Automatic invoice generation based on tank lease contract parameters
  • Loading plan for tank and wagon loads
  • Extensive graphic tank and jetty planning
  • Pipeline registration and planning
  • Interface capabilities with customer systems, including ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • Support with nomination handling by the Operations department
  • Identifying potential import, planning and operational errors
  • VCF calculations based on the type of product, temperature and density
  • Interface capabilities with tank gaging systems and flow meters

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