Shift Manager

The process industry operates 24/7, so it means you have to deal with different teams carrying out work one after the other. This is a complex operational issue, involving various operators. IAP has launched an integrated solution for this aspect, called Shift Manager. With this application, you can easily record communications, and track and monitor activities. 

Shift Manager is the basis of an Expert system, in which you build up a database over the years. This in turn, is the basis for performing analyzes and advising your operators in the event of abnormal situations. This saves you time and money, reduces risks, and contributes to your operational responsibility as the owner of the installation.

Shift Manager contains the following functions:

  • Schedule, planning staff hours
  • Registration of events
  • Schedule tasks, registration and follow-up
  • Document management
  • Staff registration
  • Inactivity report
  • Transfer during inactivity
  • Reporting

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