MES solutions

The Manufacturing Executing System (MES) is the link between process information systems and financial and administrative systems. MES solutions provide insight into all aspects of the production process and the work processes around it. Not only are you updated on your production process, but also on inventory management and the necessary maintenance. This interaction is important in ensuring that the best decisions are taken.

MES, which is the most commonly used system, supplements the operational aspect of MOMS (Manufacturing Operations Management System). We apply this system to help you with the vertical integration of your data and make it understandable.

Refine IT applications

With Refine IT applications, IAP provides standard solutions for recording and transferring information during inactive periods in a 24-hour business environment, and for issuing and monitoring work permits. 
We offer specific solutions for the storage and handling of bulk liquids, 
by means of a logistics application for chemical and oil terminals. In addition, we provide tailor-made solutions for accessing information and supporting your work processes.