Alarm Management

In many DCS / PLC applications, the operators are flooded with alarms. Due to this overkill, the attention for important alarms is weakened. This could result into loss of production and/or material damage. In co-operation with the IAP consultants, a project can be started up during which the number of alarms will be reduced considerably.
The following aspects are taken into consideration:

  • Which alarm philosophy is used?
  • What does the division of area and priority look like? 
  • Which types of alarms occur most frequently?
  • Are the alarm parameters adjusted properly?
  • Is a dynamic suppression of alarms required?

With Alarm Management, a better insight is gained into the number and frequency of the alarms. Practical experience has learned that a specific alarm was reported approx. 1,400 times a month! By focussing on the most frequent alarms, you could reduce the number of alarms considerably within a short period of time. Would you like to know more about this subject? 

Make sure your Alarm management is implemented by professionals.

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