Axel Christiernsson

Axel Christiernsson in Heijningen is a company specializing in the production of industrial lubricants on customer specification. Axel Christiernsson awarded Technotron-IAP the task of automating a new lubricant mixer with Simatic PCS7 technology.

The implementation of the lubricant mixer was chosen to use the Siemens Simatic PCS7 system. The current decentralized Simatic Step7 PLC controller placed near the various production units has been replaced, for one central Simatic PCS7 controller that will retrieve and control the Simatic ET200SP remote I / O stations via ProfiNet data from the relevant production unit. By choosing a Remote I / O solution instead of the decentralized PLC solution (PLCs placed in the field near the production unit), in the future for Axel Christiernsson, simple production units (eg reactors, boilers, Dosing units and the like) to the new Simatic PCS7 DCS system.

Due to the size of the installation, the following hardware is used. The Simatic PCS7 controller is a Simatic PCS7 MEC controller based on. ProfiNet will read and control the various ET200SP remote I / O boxes located near the production units. In order to prevent possible EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) problems on the ProfiNet network, fiber optic cabling has been used. In addition, there was the specific customer service, in addition to the possibility of operating from the control room, there should also be a possibility for the operator to operate the plant near the grease-free mixing boiler. To enable this local operation, a 21 inch resitive touch panel has been installed, which enables the installation by Simatic PCS7 WebN @ vigator.

As the production process of Axel Christiernsson is a batch oriented process, we have introduced the ISA-88 standard during development of the Simatic PCS7 software. The combination of applying this ISA-88 standard and the available Simatic PCS7 tools (Advanched Process Library and Sequential Function Chart) for visualizing and controlling the production process has resulted in Axel Christiernsson achieving a flexible automatic lubricant mixer, In order to always act on specific customer requirements.